Leina Kedi’s mysteriously erotic tales…

This is Leina Kedi’s blog, where she writes about the mysteries of spanking, discipline and corporal punishment to her heart’s content. You can read some of her stories here for free, and also take a look at free samples from her books. Leina would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Contact her on twitter or drop her an email.


Thank you Bonnie!

Very many thanks going out to Bonnie at MyBottomSmarts for featuring me on her blog… I was surprised and honoured! She runs one of the most interesting and intriguing blogs out there. Check out Leina’s free stories here Check out her two books here– (both on KindleUnlimited)

Highfield Farm – New Diary Entry!

Read the new diary entry and find out what has been happening in Highfield Farm since last time – this entry is short, but just as hot as ever… Tell me what you think in the comments…

Is female submission really a dystopia?

I like setting my spanking based writing in a not so far off dystopia. One reason for this is that the idea of grown women getting spanked is difficult to marry up with the real world. Stories can so easily end up being difficult to believe and then you’re not so gripped. But one other […]